Re-starting after a hot summer in Canada

Okay, I’m almost ready to re-start working on ancient music after a hot summer of travel within Canada. It’s still quite pleasant in the mountains this September so I’m enjoying the outdoors as much as possible before the cold weather settles in. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on composers/music to arrange first (see photo), including detailed work on the Canon by Pachelbel for both duet and solo ukuleles based on a request from a follower. If you have any favourite music/composers from the Medieval, Renaissance or early Baroque, please let me know.

Update October 13, 2021 — the book Pachelbel’s Canon on Ukulele(s) is now available.  Update October 23, 2021 — the book Narváez Favorites on the Ukulele (Book 4) is now available.  Update November 27, 2021 — — the books Milan Favorites on the Ukulele (Books 5 and 6) are now available.

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