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The audio and/or video files posted on YouTube and SoundCloud are great for analyzing and practising but have several challenges and limitations, namely the sound generated by the software which is not close to sounding like a ukulele, the slow speeds chosen to allow you to practice by playing along which makes the music sound plodding in some cases, and the total lack of performance dynamics (tempo, volume, part differentiation, phrasing, strum versus block chords, etc).

Here are some references to recordings by world-class performers to help guide you.

Here are some recordings of Renaissance music by vihuela and lute performers that have inspired my arrangements:

PerformerInstrumentAlbumComposers FeaturedLabel
Jose Antonio EscobarVihuelaEl Maestro, Libro 1 (1536)MilánNaxos
Ralph MaierVihuelaThe Art of the VihuelaNarváez, Mudarra, Milán, Fuenllana, Daza, ValderrabanoPrivate
Christopher WilsonVihuelaMusic for VihuelaMilán, NarváezNaxos Early Music
Christopher Wilson, Shirley RumseyLuteLute Music – Fantasias, Ricercars and DuetsMilanoNaxos Early Music
Christopher Wilson, Shirley RumseyLuteLute MusicJohnson (John)Naxos Early Music
Christopher Wilson, Shirley RumseyLutePavans and GalliardsHolborne, RobinsonNaxos Early Music
Nigel NorthLuteThe Prince’s AlmainJohnson (Robert)Naxos
Robert BartoLuteSolo Works for LuteHagenNaxos
Christopher WilsonLuteLute Music – Ricercars, Intabulations, DancesDall’Aquila, Da CremaNaxos Early Music
Shirley RumseyLuteMusic of the Italian RenaissanceArcadelt, Azzaiolo, Milano, Cara, Dalza, Caprioli, Capirola, Spinacino, Tromboncino, Aquila, Despres, Borrono, NolaNaxos Early Music
Marco PesciLuteRenaissance Lute MusicLiuto, Palestrina, Lasso, RoreNaxos
Shirley RumseyLuteMusic of the Spanish RenaissanceUppsala, Daza, Narváez, Fuenllana, Milán, Pisador, Morlaye, Mudarra, ValderrabanoNaxos Early Music
Christopher Wilson, Shirley RumseyLuteEarly Venetian Lute MusicDalza, Spinacino, Bossinensis, CapirolaNaxos Early Music
Nigel NorthLuteJohn Dowland Lute Music (Volumes 1 to 4)Dowland (John)Naxos
Marc Lewon & Paul Kieffer & Grace NewcombePlectrum Lute & VoiceTwo Lutes with Grace (Plectrum Lute Duos of the Late 15th Century)Agricola, Bedyngham, Dalza, Des Prez, Frye, Ghiselin, Ghizeghem, Roelkin, Spinacino, TinctorisNaxos Early Music

Here are some recordings of Baroque music by lute and other performers that have inspired my arrangements:

PerformerInstrumentAlbumComposers FeaturedLabel
Nigel NorthLuteBach on the Lute (Volumes 1 to 4)BachLinn Records
Yasunori ImamuraBaroque LuteComplete Works for LuteBachNaxos
Robert BartoBaroque LuteWeiss Sonatas for Lute (Volumes 1 to 11)WeissNaxos
Danijel CerovicGuitarWorks for Lute … arranged for guitarWeissNaxos
Jeffrey McFaddenGuitarCello Suites (Volume 1) … arranged for guitarBachNaxos

For your information, I own every CD in the Naxos Guitar Collection (most of them produced by Norbert Kraft) and Naxos Laureate Series for Guitar. Of course, I have recorded music from Segovia (who I saw in concert in Washington DC in 1980), Yepes and others, as well as recordings by every one of my teachers/leaders (Beauvais, Mahon, Maier, Visscher, Arnold, Bradley) at the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto), the Mount Royal Conservatory of Music (Calgary) and the Asylum for Art (Calgary).

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