Lots of Renaissance Favorites

I’m going to start arranging works by Adrian Le Roy (ca 1520-1598). He was a musician and publisher and his published folios are readily available online (see the table of contents image from his first book).
I’ve found many transcriptions and arrangements of his music. All of them take Le Roy’s tablature and transcribe it back to guitar notation but with modern standard guitar tuning. The Renaissance guitar at the time was tuned the same as the modern ukulele (i.e. like a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret) and with double courses of strings, some tuned in octaves (I’ll post a more detailed description and pictures in a later post).
So, I am taking Le Roy’s tablature back to musical notation for modern ukulele with linear tuning (either soprano, concert or tenor ukulele) or Renaissance guitar.
I am also working on arrangements of music by Guillaume Morlaye (mid-16th century) and others for the ukulele (there are 9 original books in total in 2 series).
LeRoy (1551) Image - Cover
NOTE: The following books were published in 2020 (had lots of time due to COVID lockdowns):
  • Le Roy Favorites on the Ukulele: Book 1 (May 21)
  • Morlaye Favorites on the Ukulele: Book 1 (June 22)
  • Brayssing Favorites on the Ukulele (July 30)
  • Gorlier Favorites on the Ukulele (August 23)
  • Arcadelt Favorites on the Ukulele (September 16)
  • Le Roy Favorites on the Ukulele: Book 2 (October 6)
  • Morlaye Favorites on the Ukulele: Book 2 (October 22)

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